What should be paid attention to in cosmetic packaging design


The popular trend of cosmetic packaging design is the i […]

The popular trend of cosmetic packaging design is the information that every designer must master. Only by grasping these trends can we design a cosmetic packaging design with high popularity and acceptance.
1. The design is clear and clear

Downplaying the elements used in cosmetic packaging design can capture the focus of product communication. In our fast-paced world, consumers do not always have time to study every detail of cosmetic products. A clean cosmetic packaging design can convey information, make the product shiny and simple to use. Cosmetic packaging design insists on following clear and simple elements to ensure that such a design helps buyers make more informed decisions.

2. Use bright colors

Color has always been one of the important choices in cosmetic packaging design, because color can affect consumers' purchasing decisions. Now bright colors and vibrant contrast colors are beginning to become common collocations on store shelves. Color is used to distinguish different colors in a product series. Consumers may not remember the name or number of their favorite flavor, but they can certainly recall the bright colors of the packaging.

3. Use handwritten fonts

Many designers like to create their works by hand. For cosmetic packaging design, this is done to obtain an organic effect: such as irregular lines or natural texture filling can make the product show a touch of warmth and stand out, and can distinguish it from digital design. This warmth can create the emotional bond of the product, make it feel handmade and healthy, or convey a feeling of nostalgia.

4. Narrative with illustrations

There is a story or idea behind every cosmetic packaging design. At present, many cosmetic packaging designs have begun to incorporate narrative illustrations. Illustrations are returning to become an important weapon for cosmetic packaging designers. The rich illustrations will remind us of stories we forgot a long time ago, or give us a story behind the taste.