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  • Mascara Cases HM1089

    Mascara Cases HM1089


  • Eyeliner Cases EL001

    Eyeliner Cases EL001


  • Eyeliner Cases EL002

    Eyeliner Cases EL002


  • Eyeliner Cases EL005

    Eyeliner Cases EL005


  • Eyeliner Cases EL007

    Eyeliner Cases EL007


  • Eyeliner Cases EL008

    Eyeliner Cases EL008


  • Eyeliner Cases EL015

    Eyeliner Cases EL015


  • Eyebrow  Cases EL011

    Eyebrow Cases EL011


  • Eyebrow  Cases EL012

    Eyebrow Cases EL012


  • Concealer HL8321

    Concealer HL8321


  • Concealer HL8322

    Concealer HL8322


  • Concealer HL8323

    Concealer HL8323


  • Customization:

    We have a strong R&D team that can develop and produce lipstick tubes packaging and other products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers.

  • Cost:

    We have 2 of our own factories, whether aluminum or plastic parts are produced by ourselves, factory direct sales, high quality and low price.

  • Quality:

    We have our own laboratory and the advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure mascara tubes packaging and other products quality.

  • Capacity:

    Our annual output exceeds 35 million pieces, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes.

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  • Service:

    Based on high-grade and high-end markets, our lipstick tubes and other products meet international standards and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

  • Transportationy:

    We are only 35 kilometers away from Beilun Port, so the export is very convenient.

our products

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Ningbo Huiho Cosmetics Packaging Co., Ltd. is

custom lipstick tubes packaging manufacturers and mascara tubes packaging suppliers

in China, our company located in Ningbo,Zhejiang Province, which is known as the "Oriental Venice". It is a professional manufacturer of large-scale daily cosmetic packaging in China. After years of continuous research, development and innovation...

35Million lipsticks

Annual output


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our products


  • Analyze the basic appearance requirements of lipstick tubes

    Lipstick is a general term for all lip makeup. Lipsticks, including lip balm, lip balm, lip gloss, Lip Glaze, etc., can make lips rosy and glossy, achieve hydration, protect lips, increase facial beauty and correct lip contour. It is also a...

    2022-06-24China News Network
  • How to clean the lipstick tube

    There are all kinds of lipsticks on the market now, and their packaging is also different. According to the different types and uses of lipstick, packaging design is also divided into several types: lipstick, lip gloss and lipstick box. The...

    2022-06-17China News Network
  • Huiho Cosmetics Packaging offer custom Lip Gloss Tubes

    Liquid lipsticks are generally called lip gloss, lip glaze, and lip clay. Unlike solid lipsticks, liquid lipsticks will be more moisturizing and longer-lasting, so they are deeply loved by everyone and gradually become a hot-selling product...

    2022-06-10China News Network
  • Cosmetic packaging tube product surface treatment

    We can offer different kinds of finishes on the tube, depending on the design of the artwork and how you want it to appear on the tube. Cosmetic Packaging Offset PrintingOffset printing: When functional and aesthetic requirements come toget...

    2022-06-02China News Network

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