Benefit of Aluminum Mascara Tube

One benefit of using an aluminum mascara tube is its durability. Unlike plastic tubes, an aluminum tube can almost completely empty when filled with a viscous product. What's more, aluminum can be recycled and reused a number of times without losing its properties. In fact, a large amount of this material is currently in recycling cycles, thanks to its use in the car and building industries.

While some brands claim to use natural ingredients in their formulas, the truth is that the recipes don't vary much from one hundred years ago. However, the use of new pigments may change the makeup industry in the future. Researchers in the plastics industry have recently developed bold, vibrant pigments. These pigments have already been used in lipsticks, and they may also find their way into mascara products. But before plastics can be used as an ingredient in mascara, they must undergo a number of strict safety tests.
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