How does eyelash cream ability not dizzy catch



If you want mascara not to smudge, the most important thing is to curl your eyelashes first to make your eyelashes smoother. Before applying mascara, you can use talcum powder to keep the eyelashes dry and prevent smudging of mascara.

Using mascara in summer is the easiest to smudge. This is unavoidable because our eyelids secrete a lot of oil. Although mascara is waterproof, it is not oil-proof, so it is very easy to smudge after applying mascara. Before using talcum powder, close your eyes to prevent the powder from getting into your eyes, and then start applying mascara, from left to right, close to the roots of the eyelashes.

In addition, there is also an eyelash raincoat in the cosmetics. After applying it, it will not faint, and it can be distinguished. But it should be noted that the process of brushing the eyelashes should not be paused. The lump becomes a fly leg, which makes the eyelashes unnatural and can’t reach the roots.