How to ensure that two different colors of lip gloss in a double end lip gloss tube will not penetrate or mix with each other?


To ensure that two different colors of lip gloss in a double end lip gloss tube will not penetrate or mix with each other, specific operations and considerations can be made from the following aspects:
The design of the double end lip gloss tube accurately calculates the capacity of each chamber to ensure that it can fully accommodate the lip gloss and leave enough space to avoid overflow during filling. A solid isolation wall is used between the chambers to completely isolate the direct contact between the colors. The sealing design needs to be meticulous. In addition to the traditional threaded seal, advanced sealing technology can be introduced, such as double sealing rings or O-rings, to ensure that excellent sealing performance is maintained after multiple openings and closings. The rubber gasket is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to oil and chemicals to cope with possible solvent erosion in the lip gloss. The transparent bottle body material is PET or high-grade glass. PET material is lightweight and cost-effective, suitable for mass production; while glass is more high-end and suitable for high-end product lines. Regardless of the material, it must be strictly screened to ensure its light transmittance, durability and chemical stability. The aluminum center ring not only bears the task of connecting the two chambers, but its surface can also be treated in various ways, such as anodizing, sandblasting, etc., to enhance the visual effect and touch, while improving the overall grade of the product.
Choose high-quality transparent bottle materials, such as PET or glass, which are not only highly transparent, but also can withstand certain pressure and chemical erosion to ensure the safe storage of lip gloss. The aluminum center ring not only plays a role in beauty and connection, but also effectively resists the erosion of chemical substances that may exist in the lip gloss, maintaining the stability and sealing of the structure. During the production process, precise filling equipment and technology are used to ensure that each color of lip gloss is accurately filled into its respective chamber to avoid overflow or leakage. Implement strict quality inspection processes, including but not limited to sealing tests, color stability tests, etc., to ensure that the product meets the established quality standards before leaving the factory.
Provide clear instructions on the product packaging to guide users on how to properly use and store double-headed lip gloss tubes to avoid color mixing caused by improper operation. Remind users to avoid exposing lip gloss tubes to extreme temperature or humidity conditions to prevent changes in the physical properties of the lip gloss, which in turn affects its stability and isolation effect.
In summary, through physical isolation design, high-quality material selection, strict production process control, user guidance and perfect after-sales service and other measures, it can be ensured that the two different colors of lip gloss in the double end lip gloss tube will not penetrate or mix with each other.