How to Extend the Life of an Empty Mascara Tube

If you have an empty mascara tube, you may be tempted to just toss it out. But a simple makeup hack can help you save money while extending the life of your tube. Simply place the empty tube into hot water and allow it to sit for five to 10 minutes. When you remove it, the mascara should be much more liquid and apply easier.

In the early days of mascara, the makeup was applied with a wet brush. It was usually made of 50% soap and 50% black pigment. The soap was mixed with soap chips and run through a mill several times to make it more opaque. Later, cream mascaras came to market. Its packaging was a tube and users squeezed the lotion-like substance from the tube onto a tiny brush. This process was a bit messy, but this was improved after the invention of the mascara applicator in the 1960s.

The plastic mascara tube is BPA free and is lightweight and easy to carry. It can easily fit in a makeup bag. The bottle features a lip-shaped top, which makes it easy to wipe excess oil off. The container also comes with a wand to apply the eyelashes. The product has a 10 ml capacity.

If the mascara wand gets stuck in the tube, you can try soaking it in rubbing alcohol. This will remove the leftover mascara and help it drain easier. However, you should take care when washing waterproof mascara tubes because they're more difficult to clean.