How to print patterns on lipstick tube


Lipstick is a must-have item in many women's bags. It can be said that every woman's bag must have at least one lipstick. Lipsticks are also one of the best-buy products in the cosmetics industry. A brand of lipstick will have many shades. Some female compatriots will buy several shades of lipstick as a spare in order to match different clothes. So how can a lipstick business attract customers to buy your lipstick? In addition to the excellent quality, the appearance of the lipstick tube is also considered by customers. If some unique patterns are printed on the lipstick tube, it will quickly attract their attention. So how does the lipstick tube print the pattern?
Through the lipstick tube printer, the merchant can print a unique pattern on an ordinary lipstick tube, so that customers can quickly notice your product, so as to better distinguish other products.
How does the lipstick tube print patterns on the printer?
Unlike traditional silk screen printing, the flatbed printer uses digital printing. The user only needs to make a design drawing and put it in the printing software on the computer. The flatbed printer will directly print the ink to the lipstick tube according to the file on the computer. The surface is printed on the fly, and can be printed in one piece, without plate making, and full-color image printing can be completed at one time. Compared with the traditional printing process, it has many advantages.
The printer brings a new printing method to the lipstick tube. The color configuration of the same luster white varnish can complete the 3D embossed three-dimensional effect at one time. The machine uses environmentally friendly UV ink, and the printed lipstick tube is green and environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell.

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