How to rationally choose cosmetic OEM packaging materials


Cosmetic packaging materials need to have protection, function and decoration, and the trinity is the development direction of high-end cosmetic packaging in the future. In addition to protecting product quality and promoting product sales, packaging also affects a product's brand image and customer satisfaction.

There are also various choices of cosmetic packaging materials, which can be roughly divided into main packaging and auxiliary packaging. The main packaging is mainly in direct contact with cosmetics, such as glass bottles, hoses, plastic bottles, etc.; the auxiliary packaging is mainly paper labels, paper color boxes, and plastic color boxes, which are not in direct contact with products.

So, as a cosmetic manufacturer, how do we choose cosmetic packaging materials? First of all, we need to choose a packaging material with certain product protection properties, and according to the different requirements of cosmetics for packaging, the packaging material should block moisture, light and odor. Packaging materials cannot react with certain ingredients in cosmetic products under any extreme environmental conditions. The packaging material should have a certain sealing performance, and the product will not leak after hourly environmental changes. While ensuring the quality of packaging materials, cost requirements should also be considered.

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