Influence of cosmetic packaging on purchasing desire

Color Cosmetics packaging is no longer limited to the level of bearing and beauty, and the use experience of products is also very important. In addition to simplicity, the interest of packaging materials is also one of the directions of packaging development.
Speaking of interest, as the main consumer of cosmetics market, many women have potential standards for product packaging.
1. Cute: The packaging printed with the favorite cartoon image, the packaging shape is strange, anthropomorphic, materialistic, and the packaging color is gorgeous, all of which can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The packaging creativity is not only interesting, but also gives the packaging more intimate functions, so that consumers have a good use experience.
2. Concise: usually simple and generous design style is easy to highlight the simple, elegant and high-quality visual feeling of the product.
3. Practicality: If the packaging materials of some products can be used for other storage and decoration after the products are used up, the products will also be scored. As Xiaobian saw a clay film product some time ago, it uses a package material similar to porcelain and looks like a small flowerpot, which has attracted the attention of many consumers to some extent.
When the homogenization of the cosmetics market becomes more and more serious, making the products monotonous, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the good from the bad in essence. In this situation, many manufacturers began to shift their goals and work hard on packaging in order to achieve product differentiation and try to occupy a place in the market competition.
Therefore, how to let packaging convey more product information and whether it can attract consumers' attention with innovative and unique packaging is the key to stand out from many products. Break through the traditional design concept of only focusing on decoration.