It's important to choose the right lip gloss


How to choose lip gloss color  

1. Choose according to skin color and clothing.

Those with fair complexion are suitable for lip gloss of any color, but the brighter color is the best. Darker skin tones are suitable for brown-red, dark red and other low-brightness colors, and you cannot use too light or too bright colors. If the skin tone is yellowish, you should choose a warm color series and prevent the use of pink and peach colors as much as possible. Although pink lipstick is beautiful, yellowish skin will appear waxy when applied on it, while for fair-skinned people, after applying pink lipstick, the skin will be white and red.


2. Choose according to lip shape, lip color and tooth color.

The lip shape is not obvious, too thick or too thin, and the thickness of the upper and lower lips is too large. It is best to use natural colors such as light crimson. For girls with darker lips, you can choose warm orange to make your lips look more smooth. On the contrary, if the lip color looks pale and bloodless, you can choose pink-purple lip gloss to make the whole People are more vibrant. If your teeth are yellow, you should avoid using cool tones such as purple and pink, as well as orange-yellow lip gloss.


3. Choose according to wear, makeup, and occasion.

I want to create a natural personality, and I recommend using brown lip gloss. Whether it is used for school makeup, office makeup or daily makeup, this color can leave a good image.

If you want to become more capable and generous, I recommend using bright red lipstick that makes people cool. Red gives people a gorgeous and dazzling feeling. If you put on bright red lipstick, you will become refreshed and enthusiastic. It will become a right-hand man to help women change their image.