Makeup Hack: Use an Empty Mascara Tube

Occasionally, you might notice that your mascara tube is empty. Instead of throwing it away, you should try to use it again by using a makeup hack to keep the product fresh. This trick can help you save money, since it will prolong the life of the tube. Keeping your empty tube from drying out will prevent your product from developing major flakiness or clumping.

If you are the kind of person who likes to make your own makeup, an empty mascara tube makes a great container for your own DIY projects. Its tight-sealed lid helps you preserve the beneficial oils inside. In addition, it is lightweight and portable. Moreover, it makes it easy to carry around and store.

Moreover, an empty mascara tube is safer than a mascara container made of BPA-containing plastic. Plus, it is small and light, so it can easily fit into a makeup bag. Another benefit of an empty mascara bottle is that it is easy to apply. The wand on the top of the bottle makes it easier to apply the product. Also, the rubber plug on the top prevents the bottle from leaking and preserves the beneficial compounds in the oil.