Mascara Tube Basic Quality Requirements


Mascara is a cosmetic applied to the eyelashes for the purpose of thickening, lengthening, curling and deepening the color of the eyelashes. The mascara tube usually consists of a brush and a tube that contains the smearing color and can accommodate the brush. The brush itself has a curved type and an upright type. The texture of mascara can be divided into cream, liquid and paste. Mascara tube packaging material is mainly composed of caps, rods, inner plugs, bottles, and brush related components.
1. Surface: The surface of each component is smooth and clean, with no obvious burrs, no scratches on the coating film, no obvious shrinkage, and no dirt, top white, scratches, bumps, damages, blistering, fronts, bumps, etc. Phenomenon.

2. Hygiene: Each component must not have peculiar smell, a large amount of wool, dust, deformation that affects the appearance and assembly, white appearance on the front, no obvious lumpy dirt, no obvious soft, hard wounds, impurities .

3. Each component must not be damaged or cracked, the cutting is not neat, and the burr height is ≤0.5mm.

4. Brush head: There should be no bending, the bristles are slightly missing, the height is not neat or there is hair loss.

5. Odor: Each component shall not have any odor other than the packaging material itself.