Tips For Cleaning an Empty Mascara Tube

The mascara tube is a convenient way to carry your makeup and brushes. They are small enough to easily fit in your makeup bag or purse. However, after some time they can start to feel a bit empty. To extend the life of your tube, here are a few tips.

One of the first tips for freshening your mascara tube is to clean it with a rubbing alcohol. This will help to get rid of any bacteria that may be lurking in the tube. Leaving the tube in hot water for a few minutes will also help it to return to its original state. You can then use it for more applications.

Another tip for cleaning your mascara tube is to try to remove any oil from it. Oil-based removers don't mix well with water, and they will often break down the product. Instead, try using a grease-fighting dish soap. This will help you to remove the makeup without clogging the drain.

Finally, make sure to sterilize your mascara wand. Rubbing alcohol works as a great eye makeup remover as well. Be sure to follow your manufacturer's directions for this process. Once it's done, it's important to wipe the wand with a soft, cotton cloth to ensure that the product is completely removed.

Using an empty mascara tube is a simple and effective way to save money. When you're ready to replace your tubes, look for brands that offer an empty option. These are perfect for travel and gifting purposes.