What are the characteristics of the materials used in Concealer Stick/Tubes Packaging to ensure good sealing?

To ensure good sealing, the materials selected by Concealer Stick/Tubes Packaging usually have the following characteristics:
1.Excellent barrier properties:
The material can effectively prevent external air, moisture, dust and other impurities from entering the interior of the packaging, thereby protecting the product from contamination and deterioration.
For liquid or paste products, the material should have higher barrier properties to prevent product leakage or evaporation.
2. Good flexibility:
The material needs to have a certain degree of flexibility so that it can closely fit the shape of the product during the packaging process, reduce gaps, and improve the sealing effect.
Flexible materials can also better handle vibration and shock during transportation and storage, maintaining the integrity of the packaging.
3. Excellent heat sealing performance:
Most packaging materials are sealed through a heat sealing process, so the selected materials should have good heat sealing properties to ensure that the seal is firm and not easy to crack.
The heat sealing temperature and pressure should be moderate to ensure sealing quality and avoid damage to the material.
4. Chemical resistance:
Packaging materials should be resistant to chemical ingredients in cosmetics to avoid chemical reactions with the product, resulting in product deterioration or contamination.
Materials with good chemical resistance also extend the life of the packaging and reduce the frequency of replacement.
5. Environmental protection:
While ensuring sealing performance, materials should be selected as environmentally friendly, recyclable or degradable materials as much as possible to reduce the impact on the environment.
Consider using bio-based or recyclable materials to achieve sustainable packaging.
While airtightness is the primary consideration, the look and feel of the material is equally important. Materials should have an attractive look and feel to enhance the overall image of the product.
In short, in order to ensure good sealing, the materials selected for Concealer Stick/Tubes Packaging must have excellent barrier properties, flexibility, heat sealing properties, chemical resistance, and environmental protection. At the same time, the appearance and texture of the material are also factors that cannot be ignored. Through reasonable selection and use of these materials, the sealing of the packaging can be ensured and the quality and safety of the product can be protected.