What are the types of cosmetic packaging designs


According to the material, shape and adaptability of packaging, cosmetics can be divided into the following three categories:
1. Solid, solid cosmetics mainly include eyebrow pencil, powder, and various lipsticks. The packaging of solid cosmetics is relatively simple, and most of them are boxed or pen-shaped.
2. Solid powder (granular), such cosmetics mainly include powder products such as foundation and talcum powder. The most commonly used designs are paper boxes (mostly garden or square), metal boxes, plastic boxes, glass bottles (wide mouth or closing), composite materials, etc. The packaging of such containers is generally more delicate and beautiful. In addition to the plastic or metal packaging, it is also matched with a paper outer packaging.
3. Liquids, mainly including liquid and paste cosmetics, have the largest number and the largest proportion of such cosmetics in all cosmetic categories. There are many packaging forms and designs for such cosmetics, mainly metal bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags and so on. Among them, plastic bags are mainly used for cosmetic refills or lower-grade packaging, and are also commonly used in travel packages. Glass bottles are mainly used for medium and high-grade cosmetics or cosmetics that are easily permeable, volatile and contain special organic substances. Such as perfume, hair dye, nail polish, etc. Plastic bottles or plastic products are usually used in the packaging of most liquid and paste cosmetics used in daily life, such as shampoo, skin cream, etc. There are many packaging forms under this plastic material, such as bottles, paste packaging, spray packaging and many more.