What is the lipstick tube silk screen

Lipstick tube is the outer package of lipstick. The plastic tube, silk screen, is a kind of printing technology, which belongs to orifice printing. Lipstick tube silk screen is to print pictures and texts on the lipstick tube. If you don't believe it, you can check whether there is a pattern on your lipstick tube. Look at whether these pictures and texts are pasted or printed. The silk screen is printed directly.
The feature of lipstick tube silk screen is that the ink is thicker. Careful friends can find that the pictures and texts on the lipstick tube are somewhat concave and convex. They feel very textured, and they are also of high grade (in fact, they are not necessarily expensive lipstick). However, the lipstick tube silk screen should be better than the label film. If you stick it on, the paper film will become warped after a long time of use, which will greatly affect the appearance, and you can't help tearing it off.
Lipstick tube screen printing is a process of lipstick tube printing, also known as lipstick tube screen printing. Curved screen printing machine is used. Because of its physical characteristics, the lipstick tube silk screen will look more textured.