What kind of aluminum is used in this bright gold brushed cylindrical aluminum mascara tube?

This mascara tube is made of carefully selected aluminum alloy materials. This alloy is usually made of aluminum, copper, magnesium, manganese and other metal elements mixed in a certain proportion. This alloy not only retains the light weight and corrosion resistance of aluminum itself, but also further improves its mechanical properties and processing properties by adding other metal elements.
First of all, the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is one of its most significant features. Cosmetics such as mascara often contain various chemical ingredients that may cause the product to deteriorate or the container to become damaged if they react with the container material. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys comes from a dense aluminum oxide film naturally formed on its surface. This film can effectively isolate the external environment, including moisture, oxygen and chemical components in cosmetics, thereby preventing the aluminum alloy matrix from being further oxidized or corroded. This film maintains its stability even in direct contact with cosmetics, ensuring the safety and stability of the mascara within the tube. In addition, the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is also reflected in its ability to resist various chemical solvents and acidic and alkaline substances. Even during long-term storage or use, the aluminum alloy material inside the mascara tube can maintain its original physical and chemical properties and will not rust, peel or discolor. This not only maintains the aesthetics of the product, but also extends its service life.
Secondly, the lightweight properties of aluminum alloy make mascara tubes more portable. First, the density of aluminum alloys is much lower than traditional metal materials such as stainless steel or iron. Aluminum alloy products are much lighter in weight under the same volume. For everyday cosmetic containers like mascara tubes, this lightweight feature makes them more portable. Consumers can easily put it into their cosmetic bag or handbag without worrying about adding extra burden.
In addition, aluminum alloys also have good plasticity and processability. The plasticity of aluminum alloys mainly comes from its metallic crystal structure. Through physical or chemical methods such as heating, cooling, and pressure, its shape can be easily changed, from flat plate to cylinder to various complex curved surface shapes. This allows manufacturers to boldly innovate when designing mascara tubes and try various new and unique shapes to attract consumers' attention. Through processing methods such as wire drawing, unique texture and luster can be formed on the surface of aluminum alloy to enhance its aesthetics and texture. This processing technology makes the aluminum mascara tube not only practical, but also has a certain artistic value, which can enhance the consumer experience.
In the bright gold brushed cylindrical aluminum mascara tube, the selection and application of aluminum alloy materials demonstrate its dual pursuit of quality and beauty. This material not only ensures the product is durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and portable, but also gives the product a noble and elegant appearance through a unique wire drawing process. This makes this mascara tube stand out in the market and ideal for young cosmetics brands.