Concealer buying tips


Concealer, like BB cream and liquid foundation, also has color choices. To match your skin tone and choose a concealer that suits you, the color is very important!

If you choose a concealer color that doesn't match your blemishes on your face or body, it's easy to be self-defeating, and you can add a "blemish" at any time, otherwise it will make the blemish appear more visible.

Generally speaking, the forehead colors of concealers are yellow, green, and pink, and different colors are used to cover different types of blemishes.

1. Green Concealer

For red skin on the face, such as acne, acne marks, etc., can play a better role in covering.

2. Yellow Concealer

Just because we are children of Greater China, our skin color is basically yellow, and yellow-based concealers can help us adjust the overall skin tone and make the skin look more textured, so yellow-based concealers are also the most popular. Just apply it on the face where you need to adjust and spread it out.

3, pink or purple concealer

These two colors are the best choice for women with dull skin tone. Their feature is that they can neutralize people's dark yellow skin tone and brighten their skin tone, especially those with dark circles and pigmentation spots. , choose this shade of concealer is the best.