Current Makeup Packaging Trends: Multi-Purpose Bars


Cosmetics companies, Lancome, Clinique (to name a few), are transitioning from compacts to powder tubes: for pressing cheeks, pressing eyes and powder containers. This simple spiral riser made a splash in the cosmetic packaging industry. These elegant twists enable consumers to apply the product with controlled and precise movements. "It's a makeup product that's convenient for you to carry around," says Yusu Cosmetics Packaging's lead designer. Consumers love easy-to-use tubes for perfect coverage and dynamic range of product use.

Cosmetics companies use these products in concealer, foundation, lip and eye care to create a unique, elegant fit. The lightweight tube is a versatile tool that can be applied to the jawline, eyes, or lip area; making it a general-purpose applicator, rather than a compact applicator that restricts use to one area of ​​the face and replaces a brush or additional applicator applicator. This method of application results in healthy and even skin. The stick also features an airtight seal that helps keep the product alive and intact, as well as protecting it from damage.

Innovative cosmetic packaging by packaging companies increases consumer attention and improves the perceived value of products. It is important to consider other options when choosing cosmetic packaging and packaging that appeals to consumers.