Do you know the classification of lipstick tubes


In order to match the product characteristics of different lipsticks, lipstick tubes can be divided into the following categories:

(1) From the structure of the main components, it is divided into two types (mainly refers to the functional structure of the middle beam core): the bead fork screw structure and the rotary rod structure.
The bead fork screw structure is generally a double helix structure. The bead (cup) is the part of the cup that is in direct contact with the body of the lipstick. Fork (fork) the bead's travel path in a straight direction. Spiral is the travel track of the beads in the spiral upward direction, and cooperates with the fork to achieve the purpose of the spinning process and the upward movement of the beads.

The rotary rod structure is generally a single-thread structure, and its pitch is short, and the travel distance of the bead after one rotation is short, so it is also called a slow screw. The cup portion of the beads is in direct contact with the lipstick paste.

(2) According to the size, physical and chemical properties and filling method of the matching lipstick meat, the following are the classification of common lipstick tubes by beads:

The inner diameter of the beads mainly includes 8.5mm, 8.6mm, 9mm, 9.8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 11.8mm, 12mm, etc.; the number of bead ribs mainly includes 4 ribs, 6 ribs and 8 ribs; the shape of the beads has positive and backward pouring two kinds.

(3) According to the characteristics and functional requirements of lipstick paste, it is divided into: multi-head lipstick, airtight lipstick, etc.

Multi-head lipstick packaging is generally a bead fork screw structure product, which cleverly uses the main part of the lipstick to extend into a double-bottom interconnected structure.
Airtight lipsticks are generally designed to meet the needs of long-lasting lipstick products. The formula contains highly volatile oils and is mixed with rich pigments. When the oils evaporate, the pigments stay on the lips. In order to meet the purpose of normal use by consumers during the shelf life, this type of lipstick tube generally designs an airtight ring in the cover and the middle beam, which has achieved the purpose of locking the contents and avoiding volatilization.