How long is the shelf life of lipsticks?


In daily life, lipstick is a very common makeup product. It has a good makeup effect and is deeply liked by female friends. Many people like to wear lipstick. After some girls buy lipstick, they often don't remember how long the shelf life of the lipstick is. So, how long is the shelf life of lipsticks?

Lipstick is a cosmetic that many girls grow grass. Because the color and appearance of lipsticks are very attractive, girls like to buy lipsticks. Because the lipstick color is really beautiful, some girls will buy a lot of favorite lipsticks and store them at home. But despite the nice color of the lipstick, it still has a certain shelf life. If the lipstick has expired, is there any harm to the body? What can I do with expired lipstick? Let's take a look at these questions below.

Kaifeng In fact, all cosmetics have their expiry date, and the expiry date of most lipsticks is generally three years. But if the lipstick is opened and used, it will not be as many as three years. Used lipstick, because lipstick is very easy to breed bacteria, so the general use period is only one year. It is better not to continue using the expired lipstick.

Why is it better not to continue using lipsticks that have expired?

Although it is a expensive lipstick, or a cheap lipstick, chemicals are added when it is made. The chemical substances in the lipstick have expired, because after the shelf life has passed, the manufacturer cannot guarantee whether it can continue to be used after the expiration date. Moreover, once these chemical components have passed the guarantee date, they may produce chemical reactions or form harmful substances, which can make the lips swollen or in severe cases, the mouth can rot.

Deteriorated lipstick will not only cause damage to the mouth, but may also cause damage to the body. Therefore, it is recommended that you try not to use expired lipsticks. Moreover, the opened lipstick needs to be used up as soon as possible within 18 months to one year. Some lipsticks that have expired will have more than half of them left. Sometimes some girls will feel distressed that there is a lot of lipstick left, and some girls will continue to use expired lipstick. But they don't know that the hidden danger of lipstick is still quite big.

Under the bright appearance, most of the dyes used in lipsticks are chemical materials, which are inedible pigment components. Even some inferior dyes have carcinogens. So lipstick is actually a polarized cosmetic. Therefore, it is recommended that girls try to wipe off their lipstick when eating or drinking before eating.

But if you are really reluctant, you can still use it. Put the lipstick in a small glass bottle. Then put it in a pot to steam for a while, or use glassware (and, if the lipstick box is metal, don't put it in it.) Put it in the microwave for a while, sterilize it and wait for the lipstick to solidify before continuing. use.

Another way is to use lipstick as lubricating oil. Apply lipstick on rusty places or zippers that are not easy to pull, and then apply it, the zipper will become easy to pull. If you really don’t want to use it, You can also use expired lipsticks as crayons to draw on.

Therefore, when we buy lipsticks, we need to pay attention to the shelf life of foreign countries is generally within five years, while the shelf life in China is three years. When buying lipsticks, it is recommended to choose the lipsticks produced in that year to be safer. And when choosing a lipstick, it is recommended not to choose a color that is too obvious or has a strong durability. Because most of them contain more chemical dyes.