How to choose cosmetic packaging materials


The packaging materials of cosmetics need to be both protective, functional and decorative. The trinity is the development direction of high-end cosmetics packaging in the future. In addition to protecting product quality and promoting product sales. Packaging also enhances the product’s brand image and customer satisfaction.
There are also many choices of cosmetic packaging materials, which can be roughly divided into main packaging and auxiliary packaging.
The packaging on the main body is mainly in direct sexual contact with cosmetic products, such as skin care glass bottles, plastic bottles, and makeup lipstick tubes.
The packaging of accessories is mainly paper labels, paper color boxes, plastic color boxes, which are not in direct contact with the product.
As a manufacturer of the main packaging of cosmetics, how to choose among many cosmetic packaging materials?
It has certain product protection properties. According to the different packaging requirements of cosmetics, the packaging material should have a barrier effect on moisture, light, odor, etc. Packaging materials cannot react with certain ingredients in cosmetics under any extreme environmental conditions. The packaging material should have a certain degree of sealing performance, and there will be no product leakage after various environmental changes. While ensuring the quality of packaging materials, the cost requirements must also be considered.
Of course, there is another point, the product decoration, is the product design. With regard to the selection and design of cosmetic packaging, creativity is really important!