How to detect cosmetic packaging materials(2)


(5) Impact resistance test of cosmetic packaging Test t […]

(5) Impact resistance test of cosmetic packaging
Test the impact resistance of packaging materials to ensure that the selected packaging materials can effectively protect the product. The impact resistance test has two test methods: falling dart impact and pendulum impact.
1. bmc-b1 falling dart impact tester: free falling dart test method, measuring the impact mass and energy of a plastic film or sheet under a given height of free falling dart impact, when the sample is broken.
2. The fit-01 film impact tester is used to determine the impact resistance of plastic film, sheet, composite film, aluminum foil and other materials. The hemispherical punch of the film impact tester impacts and passes through the film sample at a certain speed for measurement The energy consumed by the punch is used to evaluate the pendulum impact resistance of the film.
(6) Tearing performance test of cosmetic packaging:
The packaging of the product may be torn due to external forces during storage and transportation. Sufficient tear resistance expansion force can reduce tear transmission and avoid packaging leakage.
sly-s1 tear tester: Elémendorf method, used to test the tear resistance of films, sheets, paper, cardboard, and other materials.
(7) Coefficient of friction of cosmetic packaging (surface slippery)
The inner and outer surfaces of the food film should have suitable slip properties to ensure that it has a good opening and can be smoothly transported and packaged on a high-speed production line.
1. mxd series friction coefficient meter: It is suitable for measuring the static and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film, sheet, paper and other materials when sliding. By measuring the smoothness of the material, it is possible to control and adjust the opening of the packaging bag, the packaging speed of the packaging machine and other production quality process indicators to meet the requirements of product use. The series has three products: mxd-01, mxd-01a, and mxd-02.
2. ftp-f1 friction coefficient/peel tester: computer controlled, it can test the friction coefficient of materials at room temperature to 99.9 degrees, and can also test the peel strength test of composite films and adhesive products at very high temperatures.
(8) Thickness measurement of cosmetic packaging
Thickness is the basic index for testing thin films. Uneven thickness will not only affect the tensile strength and barrier properties of the film, but also affect the subsequent processing of the film.
1. chy-c2 thickness gauge: used to measure the thickness of films, sheets, and papers. Mechanical contact measurement method is not limited by measuring materials; imported high-quality sensors with a measurement resolution of up to 0.1 microns; measuring head against film (paper) The contact area and contact pressure strictly follow the relevant standards; compatible with ISO, astm and other measurement standards.
2. chy-ca thickness gauge: 0.1um high precision, multi-point automatic continuous measurement, liquid crystal display, micro-printing, statistics, and communication.
(9), printed matter testing equipment
1. Bonding fastness of printing ink layer: ygj-02 adhesive tape rolling machine and blj-02 disc peeling tester, the two machines are used together, suitable for plastic film and cellophane decoration prints produced by gravure printing process (including composite film Printed matter) Carry out the test test of the bonding fastness of the printing ink layer. It is also used to test the adhesion state of the surface layer formed by vacuum coating, surface coating, compounding and other related processes.
2. mcj-01a friction tester: It is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer of the printed matter, the abrasion resistance of the PS plate photosensitive layer and the abrasion resistance of the surface coating of related products. Effectively analyze the problems of poor abrasion resistance, ink layer shedding, low printing endurance of PS plates, and poor coating hardness of other products.
3. rt-01 friction tester: test for the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer. Arc motion mode; double-station symmetrical design, high test efficiency, in line with international standards such as astm and tappi.
(10) Detection of solvent residues in packaging
The residual amount of solvent in the packaging bag is directly related to the safety of users. In order to ensure safety, a gas chromatograph should be used to detect the residual amount of solvent.
1. GC6890 gas chromatograph: professionally used for the detection and analysis of solvent residues in packaging materials.
2. GC7800 gas chromatograph: professionally used for the detection and analysis of solvent residues or solvent purity of packaging materials