Make-up packaging materials popular "secondary processing"


Make-up packaging materials popular "secondary processi […]

Make-up packaging materials popular "secondary processing"

In the field of cosmetic packaging materials, a trend of "secondary processing" is surging. In cosmetics products, a considerable part of them need to rely on packaging design to enhance their sense of value. Packaging materials produced by the past mold manufacturing model are often difficult to highlight product characteristics, but now, cosmetic packaging materials that have undergone "secondary processing" can be used in On the basis of several relatively mainstream plastic models, the quality of the outer packaging of the product is further upgraded through decoration, spraying, inlay plating and other processes.

As we all know, it is difficult for color cosmetic packaging materials including lipsticks and pressed powder boxes to have major changes in appearance, and suppliers can only choose to innovate in product exteriors. For example, the grid-like box cover can be plated or inlaid to make the product more textured, thereby helping the packaged product to enhance the sense of value.

In addition, the multi-functional "mix and match" can also help the product bring a user-friendly experience to consumers. Add a massage ball to the top of the traditional lip gloss, which can massage the lip skin while creating lip makeup; or install a retractable soft brush on the top of the mascara package. The original intention is It is used to comb the eyelashes that are prone to clumping after applying mascara, but they have gradually been used as eyebrow brushes by most users, which can be described as "crimping".

The development and application of new materials has also become one of the key points in the processing of cosmetic packaging materials. The bottle cap dripping technology has obtained relevant national patents. The bottle cap manufactured by this technology can ingeniously integrate the color and the shape, eliminating the need to refill the plastic bottle cap in the later stage and inlay the decorations to make the bottle cap One-time forming saves the production cost of the post-processing link, and the complete color application can also produce the required patterns on the bottle cap at will, and the appearance design space of the bottle cap is greatly expanded.

In order to obtain orders in the current cosmetics market, price wars are no longer the only magic weapon. Professionalism has become more important. The fashion trend of "secondary processing" of cosmetic packaging materials is a manifestation of this general trend.