How to prevent smudging of eyelashes when applying mascara


What are the tips for applying mascara? Fully prevent s […]

What are the tips for applying mascara?
Fully prevent smudging of eyelashes
   After a long time, the eyelashes smeared to the upper and lower eyelids, which made people really embarrassed. Is there any good way to stop smoky eyes from turning into panda eyes?

  1) Brush only half of eyelashes
   Primer is applied only from the root of the eyelashes to the middle of the eyelashes. Since the tip of the eyelashes is too heavy, it will cause the eyelashes to sag, so when applying the primer, start from the root and apply to one-half of the area.

  2) Fully apply eyelashes raincoat
   After applying the mascara, apply a transparent eyelash raincoat. This product can make your eyelashes qualitative and not smudged. First apply a waterproof and sebum-proof raincoat on the back of the eyelashes, then on the front, and finally on the lower eyelashes.

  Of course, wearing false eyelashes is also a good way to make eyelashes thick and distinct, and it's very simple. If you want a natural effect, you should choose sparse false eyelashes. When it is mixed with real eyelashes, it will look very natural. After the false eyelashes are glued, brush them with the real eyelashes, just use the first one. A layer of mascara will do. Applying false eyelashes also requires skill. Don’t apply too much glue to the root of the eyelashes. When the glue is half dry, use tweezers to carefully stick the false eyelashes to the eyelid close to the root of the eyelashes. Just push gently to the sides.