Can I customize colors for my cosmetic packaging


Cosmetic containers, lipstick tubes, eyelash tubes, compacts, eyeliners, including cosmetic tube caps or caps, bottle bodies, and even brushes, these cosmetic packaging products can be custom-colored. As a customer, all you need to do is provide Pantone colors or send a sample to the manufacturer for reference. But before that, you need to understand how color plays a key role in cosmetic branding and how to choose the best designs. Chengbang uses this article to share information about color choices in cosmetic custom packaging, professional advice on how to create unique packaging designs, things to consider when choosing a manufacturer, and more, hoping to inspire you.

In advertising and retail, color psychology plays a pivotal role. Consumers are influenced by packaging color, which can attract or repel them from buying your product. This fact is most vivid when it comes to cosmetic packaging. Many times it is because of the attractive packaging that the price of cosmetic products increases a lot and acquires more brand value.

The role of color in cosmetic packaging

The packaging of any product has two parts, which also applies to cosmetics - the first part is the main container that holds the filler, such as: lipstick tubes, eyeliner bottles, eye shadow boxes, compacts, etc. The second is that the container usually only has an outer wrapper or box. Secondary packaging itself is not a necessity for cosmetic packaging, but most big brands have them to add security to primary packaging.

Now back to the color customization section, first you need to determine if your makeup has only an inner packaging or an outer packaging. Because you need to coordinate the colors of the outer and inner packaging coverings, the branding strategy as the overall product design.

Every cosmetic packaging manufacturer in China recognizes and follows the effects of color psychology. Here are some of the most common color choices for cosmetic containers and how they can symbolize your brand.

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● Black

suave. Chic. mystery.

Blacks are always the most eye-catching container on the shelf. Black symbolizes more expensive and hefty appeal and conveys greater perceived value. It also inspires a sense of sophistication and mystery. Chanel's Rouge Allure range of lipsticks is a shining example of this concept.

The 2020s have brought a new trend, with more and more eco-conscious cosmetic brands using black glass bottles and tubes with white minimalist labels with uppercase spaced lettering. This is the typical unique style of the vegan, eco-friendly, artisan crowd. Even seeing such a product from afar, one can tell that the packaging implies some kind of sustainable product. But black also means darkness, and they're hard to spot in dark areas. Sometimes black containers with metal embossing are hard to read. Now, let's look at other options.

● Gold and White

Glamour, luxury.

After black, metallics are the most popular choice for luxury lip gloss containers, mascara containers and fragrances. While more elite brands have been opting for metallic colors over ABS and plastic materials, over the years many luxury brands have opted for real metals such as stainless steel or alloys. Metallic colors are also the most important combination for black containers. Lipstick tubes that look like golden bullets have been the most iconic symbols since the 1950s.

● White

Clean, simple, pure.

White works better with drugstore products and conveys a clear and simple message. White containers are easy to read, given that many times cosmetic containers are small, white containers are easier to read. Usually, when it comes to lipstick tubes, mascara and eyeliner containers, it is mostly featured in bright, metallic or black colors to enhance the glamour factor. White is better for skincare, shampoo, moisturizer and lip balm containers. Nowadays, the use of color in cosmetic containers is more and more extensive, and white is the first choice for the background color, which can enrich and colorful fonts, logos, icons, etc.

The most popular color scheme for cosmetic containers is to have contrasting colors that can be distinguished from complementary colors. Follow this concept to create better visual communication. While black, gold, and metallics have been the go-to for generations, for something more serious and luxurious. Today, many new brands are using color to appeal to the younger generation with bold pink, red and orange primary color lipstick containers.

So choose colors based on the range, your makeup and your target audience that makes more sense. Custom shapes are also a trend, with more fun containers, cartoon characters, animal shapes, and more. This is the moment when dynamic creativity shines, and options are no longer limited to square or round cosmetic packaging.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Packaging Manufacturer for Cosmetics

So now that you know how important color psychology is to cosmetic packaging, you need to know how to work with the right manufacturers.

● How the process works

Customers need to provide Pantone colors or send samples back to the manufacturer for reference. Then comes the process of planning your own logo essentials on empty lipstick or lip gloss tubes, eyelash tubes, eyeliner containers, etc., which you can eventually ship to your location.

● Consider extended gamut printing

Consistency, intricate detailing, brightness and specialty inks are all important considerations when creating compelling packaging. This facility is a great thing for brands that make custom packaging. While dot inking with four colors is a traditional process, the amazing new Extended Gamut (EG) printing formulation has a better ability to produce more unique custom colors in different shades. With these formulas, printers can achieve over 90% Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors with better accuracy than traditional four-color processes.