Introduction of lipstick products


So what is lipstick? Lipstick, also known as lip balm, refers to a product that is applied to the lips to give it a gorgeous color and moisturizing effect on the lips. Lipsticks are usually made by dissolving and dispersing pigments from oils, greases, and waxes. Therefore, the base components of lipsticks mainly include: colorants, oils and waxes, as well as flavors and preservatives. Lipstick beauty cosmetics can protect the lips from chapped by contouring the lips, moisturizing and softening the lips, giving the lips a tone, emphasizing or changing the main function of the contour of the lips.

The lipsticks are classified below from different classification forms:

(1) According to the color of lipstick, lipstick is roughly divided into three types: primary color lipstick, color-changing lipstick and colorless lipstick (also known as lip balm).

(2) Lipsticks can be divided into moisturizing type, waterproof type, non-stick cup type, sunscreen type, powdery lipstick, long-lasting lipstick and glossy lipstick according to the formula of lipstick. Generally, the formulations of lip balms are mainly oil-based or wax-based. With the increasing demand for hydration of lip products, the market has also developed oily raw materials, colorants combined with water, moisturizing agents and emulsifiers. Emulsified lipstick made by emulsification.

(3) According to the shape of lipstick (mainly refers to the diameter of the lipstick flesh), lipstick can be divided into: pen-shaped lipstick, lipstick pen, general lipstick, thin tube lipstick, MINI lipstick. As shown in Table 1:

Table 1 Summary of the relationship between type and diameter

Pen type (lipstick meat diameter <5mm)

Lipstick pen (lipstick meat diameter 5 ~ 10mm)

Ordinary lipstick (lipstick meat diameter 10 ~ 14mm)

Thin tube lipstick (lipstick meat diameter 5 ~ 10mm)

MINI lipstick (lipstick meat diameter 5 ~ 10mm)

A small lipstick, due to its own characteristics, requires a variety of requirements, and directly acts on the oral organ of the human body - the lips, and requires relatively high accuracy and stability during use to achieve delicate and perfect makeup. Therefore, in the cosmetic packaging industry, there is a general understanding that the lipstick tube is the most complicated and the most difficult in all cosmetic packaging materials.