Introduction of lipstick tube structure


Introduction of lipstick tube structure The lipstick tu […]

Introduction of lipstick tube structure
The lipstick tube is the most complicated of all cosmetic packaging materials. The lipstick tube is a combination of multiple components, and functional packaging with different material compositions. From the material body, there are also volatile and non-volatile hairstyles. Most of the upper filling is machine automatic filling, including the loading of lipstick tube, the combination of different parts (machine parts), the tolerance control (control) is not good, or the design is unreasonable, even if the lubrication oil (oil) Errors in the way of coating will cause downtime or malfunction.

1. Raw material of lipstick tube:
①Plastic: P
A, PP;
②Aluminum: 1070, 5657;
③Others: aluminum-plastic combination, zinc (Zinc) alloy. Lip balm tube Lip balm is a personal care product that is generally applied to the lips. After the lip balm is applied to the lips, it can effectively prevent the lips from rubbing and peeling due to dry weather. The main ingredients of lip balm include beeswax, petrolatum, menthol and camphor. In addition, the current lip balm adds vitamins and salicylic acid to enhance its moisturizing function.

2. Lipstick tube components:
① Components: cover, bottom, middle beam core;
② Middle beam core: middle beam, beads, forks and snails. The general lip balm in a lipstick tube looks the same as a lipstick. They are all in the shape of a stick. In recent years, new lip balm products have been developed. Some of them are extruded designs, and some need to be applied to the lips by hand.

3. Lipstick tube manufacturing (zhì zào) process:
① Component molding process: injection molding, etc.;
②Surface (biǎo miàn) process (gōng y): spraying, electroplating, evaporation, laser engraving, inserts, etc.;
③ Surface treatment process of aluminum (Al) parts: oxidation;
④ Graphic printing: silk screen, hot stamping, pad printing, thermal transfer, etc.;
⑤Inner material filling (tián chōng) method: bottom and top.

4. Structure and function of lipstick tube:
The beaded screw is the core component of the lipstick tube. Beads, forks, spirals, beaded screw and lubricating oil constitute the core of the lipstick tube. It is a bit like a pump core, but it is more complicated than a pump core, and some manufacturers say that it is exempt. The lubricating oil bead fork screw is designed, but it is not widely used at present. Lipstick tube lipstick is the general term for all lip makeup. Lipsticks include lipsticks, lip sticks, lip glosses, lip glazes, etc., which can make lips rosy and shiny, moisturize and protect lips, increase facial beauty and correct lip contours. It is a product that has a set off effect. It is one of the common beauty cosmetics that women generally keep. , Can show the sexy and charming of women.
The standardized drawings of bead snails must be standardized. Otherwise, you will not be able to grasp the size. After the subsequent assembly, there will be more complicated factors. As a result, it can be predicted that the injection molding material must pass the material compatibility verification (Experimental), otherwise If compatibility problems occur, it will be bad if you screw up and screw down. Beaded snails are the top priority. Generally, the iron is added for the hand feel. The problem of heavy iron glue is equivalent to adding a risk to the lipstick tube. In addition, the vibration in the transportation causes the trouble of degumming inside.

5. The main application products of the lipstick tube: lipstick, lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze (yòu) and other lipstick products.

6. Attention for the purchase of lipstick tubes: When choosing a lipstick tube supplier, you must complete the evaluation of the supplier's bead-fork screw design before selecting the supplier. You must not choose a supplier for the following reasons: L'Oréal has also used it This is cheap and the supplier's aluminum-plastic channel is unstable (explanation: stable and stable; no changes); the assembly line has no experience or is not standard; bragging. The simplest method is that the supplier cannot provide suitable bead snail drawings.
The quality (Mass) main control indicators of the lipstick tube include hand feel indicators, filling machine requirements, transportation (shū) vibration (vibration) requirements, airtight prevention, material compatibility issues, and size (chǐ cùn) mutual matching The problems include aluminum-plastic tolerance and color problems, productivity problems, and the problem of filling volume to meet the declared value of the product.