Lipstick Technology and Quality Control


In terms of product surface decoration, various surface processes such as electroplating, bronzing, printing, and water transfer are commonly used to achieve specific textures or high-end luxury effects. For example, the star series launched by YSL makes a very good use of gold powder and spraying UV technology to achieve a dazzling starry sky effect. Another example is the lambskin lipstick of Givenchy, another evergreen brand of lipstick tubes. It boldly uses special material sheepskin, which conveys the high-end luxury of Givenchy brand and the pursuit of first-class quality. A bold and successful breakthrough in the process of cross-border.

In addition to the conventional use of plastics, aluminum products can also be used for the main parts of high-end products, and aluminum products are mostly made of anodized electroplating process. The advantage of aluminum parts products is that the appearance is luxurious and textured, but due to the technological limitations in the process of drawing and cutting aluminum products, special attention should be paid to the potential safety risks that sharp blades may cause to consumers! Use the sharp edge test equipment that meets the requirements of the US Federal Regulations 16 CFR1500.49, and select the pressure-sensitive insulating and high-temperature resistant tape that meets the MIL-I-23594B (1971) standard for testing to evaluate the risk of the product.

The structure and components of lipstick tubes are complex, and there are many requirements for product details; in addition, most of the filling is automatically filled by machines, and the filling processes are different, such as: pre-filling, post-filling, direct filling, plus such as the combination of different parts, Poor tolerance control or unreasonable design, etc. Even if the lubricating oil is applied incorrectly, it will cause downtime or abnormal function, and these errors are often fatal. Therefore, every link in the development, production, quality control and transportation process of lipstick tube packaging needs to be strictly reviewed and controlled.

The common quality problems of lipstick packaging materials are: insufficient bead blocking force, too tight torque, too large or too small opening force, insufficient adhesion, pollution, etc. The reasons for such problems may be due to production process management. Deviation or machine or fixture, mold/adjustment is not in place, standard is unknown, employee operation error, etc., such as excessive dimensional control during forming process, product deformation caused by too tight fitting of electroplating fixture, quality inspector's measurement error release Error messages, etc. are common causes of possible defective products in the production process.