lipstick tubes packaging surface painting?


lipstick tubes packaging surface painting (plastic parts)
The four major factors that make up architectural coatings include:
1. Epoxy resin (Resin);
2. Pigment;
3. Organic solvent (Solvent);
4. Other preservatives (Additive).
The types of dryness of architectural coatings are as follows:
1. Evaporate dryness (use paint thinner to evaporate dryness);
2. Combine dryness (molecular structure and molecular structure converge due to evaporation resistance);
3. Air oxidation dryness (unsaturated fat and oxygen in the air fuse);
4. Cosmetic packaging material manufacturers use the railway bridge to reflect and dry up (using the railway bridge agent means that the sealing and curing agent will produce a railway bridge and harden the bottom);
5. Ultraviolet light hardening (after the unsaturated aliphatic polylong chain fatty acid additive is directly irradiated by the ultraviolet wavelength of 300-400Mn, the molecular structure is converged and the bottoming is hardened).
Detailed introduction of UV processing technology:
UV coatings can be sizing by dip coating, curtain coating, paint coating, spin coating, or even vacuum pump coating, and then dried and demulsified by direct ultraviolet photon beauty treatment. Compared with general solvent-based coatings, the characteristics of UV coatings are as follows:
1. Faster drying speed;
2. Dry and solid at room temperature;
3. Save resources;
4. Save land;
5. No environmental pollution;
6. Improve product characteristics.