Silk screen is the abbreviation of screen printing


There are many different processes in the processing of […]

There are many different processes in the processing of cosmetic packaging materials, and these processes have their own characteristics. Today, the most commonly used process for manufacturing lipstick tubes-silk screen is mainly analyzed.

Silk screen is the abbreviation of screen printing. Wire mesh is a silk fabric woven into silk (fibers) according to a certain method. Make a film with graphics on the screen. Some areas of the screen are covered, and some areas are exposed. The exposed areas are the areas on the design drawing that need to be printed with graphics or text.

We can understand this in this way. The screen is a fishing net with many small holes. We block the extra small holes, leaving only the small holes through which we want the ink to pass, and then reduce these holes to be invisible to the naked eye. In this way, the ink can pass through the places with holes, and the places without holes cannot pass. This is the working process of the screen printing process.

Through silk screen, consumers can understand the brand LOGO, product name, and text introduction of the product when they come into contact with the product.

Screen printing has the characteristics of wide substrates, good light resistance, and a wide variety of applicable inks.

1. Since the printing plate is made of silk screen, which is soft and flexible, the cosmetic packaging material can be printed whether it is flat or curved, and the material is soft or hard. In addition, the printing process of the silk-screen printing process is less stressful and does not cause any damage to the packaging material.

2. The graphics and texts printed by the silk screen process can maintain gloss without being affected by temperature and sunlight.

3. The screen printing process is suitable for many types of inks, including water-based, oil-based, and solvent-based.