What are the tips for applying mascara?


Choosing the right mascara
   If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tool. If you don't have a suitable mascara, then hard work is equal to half the effort. But note that this refers to "appropriate" rather than "high price".
  1) Those with short eyelashes should choose long mascara
   If your eyelashes are not long enough, or belong to the inner double eyes, it will not highlight the eyelashes well. Then you need a small, long mascara.
  Many mascara brands have eyelash fibers that can be grafted, which is most suitable for people who don't have long eyelashes. Before brushing your eyelashes, apply a layer of artificial fiber, and then brushing will make your eyelashes longer.
   In addition, the small brush head can also take into account the small eyelashes at the end of the eye and the corner of the eye, making the eyelashes look thicker.
  2) Use the eyelash card to apply to each eyelash
   If you think that the eyelash card is for those who are beginners to apply eyelashes, then you have missed a wonderful tool for brushing eyelashes.
The effect of eyelash card is not only to prevent the upper eyelid from being darkened when it is applied. In fact, the biggest advantage of the eyelash card is that it can hold the eyelids and expose all the eyelashes, allowing us to fully brush the eyelashes from the root. When using the eyelash card, first press the upper eyelid and gently lift it up to fully expose the lashes hidden inside, and then you can apply it easily.
  Inner double, fleshy eyes, or sunken eyes are most suitable for applying mascara with an eyelash card.