What is the spraying process of cosmetic packaging materials in the process of processing


There are many different processes in the processing of cosmetic packaging materials, and these processes have their own characteristics. Today, the most commonly used process-spraying is briefly analyzed.
Spraying can be divided into several categories. Generally speaking, spraying is the most commonly used air spraying. It uses a spray gun or other tools to automatically spray the paint through the action of pressure and other forces, and is fully atomized under the influence of air flow. The paint mist is a painting method that adheres to the surface of the packaging material under the action of inertia.
For cosmetic packaging materials, the spraying process is to spray a layer of colorful paint on the surface of the packaging material to make the final product more distinct.
Spraying is applied to the main part of the entire bottle of the packaging material, so it determines the overall color of the cosmetic packaging material.
Spraying can provide a variety of beautiful colors to the appearance of cosmetic packaging materials, making it more three-dimensional and eye-catching appearance. At the same time, not only one color can be selected for the spraying color of cosmetic packaging materials, but also multiple colors can be selected to make the product appearance color more selective.
When choosing the spraying process, the customer can not only choose the color of the spraying process, but also the transparency of the spraying process color. In this way, there will be a spray gradient. Gradient spraying allows the packaging materials of a single color to be sprayed with different effects, so that the packaging materials of multiple colors have a more natural transition effect.

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