How to brush eyelashes


What are the tips for applying mascara? The technique o […]

What are the tips for applying mascara?

The technique of brushing eyelashes is very important. If you only know the "Z-shaped smear", you may really need to supplement the lesson of "How to brush eyelashes".

1) Take care of every eyelash

   If you want to get a distinct effect, the most important thing is to ensure that the mascara should be applied to each eyelash. If your own eyelashes are not thick enough, you can brush your eyelashes horizontally, which will be faster and the eyelashes will not stick to each other. If you still have a lot of eyelashes, it is recommended to put the brush head upright, touch your eyelashes one by one, and gently push from the root to the upper end, and it is recommended to choose a brush with smaller branches.

2) The brush head stays at the root of the eyelashes for 3 seconds

  In the process of applying, you should press the brush head slightly against the root of the eyelashes and hold for about 3 seconds, and then gradually push up, so that the curling of the eyelashes will last longer.

3) Brush your eyelashes in all directions

  The beautiful eyelashes should be spread out in 360 degrees. This should be noticed when the eyelashes are curled. Generally, beautifully clipped eyelashes will look more beautiful after applying mascara. But the technique is also very important when painting.

   Brush the eyelashes at the tip of the eye toward the bridge of the nose, brush the eyelashes at the end of the eye toward the temples, and the eyelashes in the middle of the eyes should be as upward as possible. When applying eyelashes, don't just go in the opposite direction, because you should turn your wrist at any time. This is the key to good eyelashes.

4) Z-shaped brushing density doubled

   After the first pass, wait for the mascara to dry slightly, then swing the brush head to the left and right with a small amount of uniform strength, and follow the Z-shaped trajectory to apply from the root of the eyelashes to instantly increase the density. This is a thick but distinct technique.