Some basic quality requirements of lipstick tubes


We mainly introduce some basic quality requirements of […]

We mainly introduce some basic quality requirements of lipstick tubes. Our requirements do not represent industry standards, and are only for reference by friends who need to purchase:

 A.basic appearance requirements

  1. Product components: The requirements must be consistent with the sealed samples and must not be missing. There should be no flash, burr, sharp edge, to prevent sharp, piercing hands, which will cause human injury, or affect the use function, the product is incomplete, and seriously affect the overall appearance

  2. Material requirements: consistent with the sealed sample, no change of material

  3. Flow mark (weld mark): within one arm of the eye, visually obvious (should be within the limit)

  4. Gap: For comparison samples, the gap between the cap and the bottle shall not exceed 1mm

   5. Breakdown: The breakup should be within the limit, and there should be no obvious scratching feeling when touched by human hands.

  6. ​​Damage: The container is broken (damaged), and the contents cannot be filled, and the function and overall appearance have been affected. There should be no dents, bruises, strains, scrapes, scratches, minor cracks, etc., within one arm of the eye, the visual inspection should not be obvious, and the product logo should not be affected, and it should be within the limit.

  7. Hygiene: foreign matter, impurities, hair, oil, stains, dust and other pollutants on the contact surface of non-cosmetic materials (mold, blood stains, insect damage, hair on the contact surface of cosmetic materials, etc.)

  B.Graphic printing requirements

   1. Color difference: conform to the standard product

  2. Hot stamping/printing adhesion: Use 3M-810 tape to stick it for 1 minute and then pull it off quickly at an angle of 45°~90°. There should be no obvious peeling off so that the bottom is exposed, and the font should be clearly visible.

       3. Electroplating/spraying adhesion: no color spots, peeling, peeling, fogging, fading and other defects. Use a utility knife to draw 4-6 squares (draw It is enough to damage the plating/spray coating), use 3M-810 tape to stick to the grid for 1 minute and then tear it off quickly at an angle of 45° to 90° without peeling off.

   C.structure function requirements

  1. The opening tension of the cover\bottom: the opening force should be between 0.2~2 kgf (between 1.96N~19.6N)

  2. Pull-out force of middle beam and base: should be ≧4 kgf (39.23N)

  3. Rotational force: The rotational torque should be between 0.1N.m and 0.5N.m, and there should be no obvious noise caused by too tight, and if slipping occurs after the bottom is rotated, the slipping torque should be ≥0.4N.m.

  4. Middle beam eccentricity: Rotate the base, the middle beam is obviously eccentric (after loading, the rotating base will cause the material to be scratched)

        5. Vacuum leak test (limited to products with air tightness requirements): Fill the product with water, lay it (or invert it) on absorbent white paper in a vacuum box, vacuum -0.08MPa, 15 minutes, loss rate Not more than 0.5%.

  6. ​​Drop test: 76cm drop to the concrete floor, the parts are cracked or not functioning properly

  7. Specifications/dimensions: in line with standards and within limits

  D.smell description

   There shall be no odors other than the packaging material itself.